Our Testimonial

Hye,Thanks for spend a bit time to read this..Here I'm about to share with u, some Personal Experience by taking the Brazillian Acai Berry("Superfood")


"I have been taking ACAI juice for over four months now... tracking sweet surprises ever since. YES... I can now slipped in a SIZE 8 RL Jeans. Still a little bit tight but hey... I never ever get to slip in size 10 and let alone 8 for the past 10 years. From 16... My goal is to fit to size 8 comfortably.Those who have tried this ACAI since January, I appreciate it if you can share your story by posting your review.My sister in law in Pontian took the juice for the last 2 months, notices significant improvement in her asthma conditions. She said with after taking acai ..."selalu semput datang at least seminggu baru hilang, sekarang 2-3 hari dah ok. Semput pun kurang."My mother and father in Langkawi has been taking Acai for the past 3 weeks, she notices the level of energy increase. With the ongoing "kebun cabai" project, this helps.
"I have been taking acai juice since Thanksgiving last year (late Nov) and I was size 16 then. Now I wear size 10 and down by 20Ib. Not bad for 5 months regime KAN?This is the reason why I enjoy shopping even more because I HAVE TO change my wardrobe..isn't this a good excuse to shop:)" -Zan.Virginia,US.*Note: She tooks acai juice+colon cleanser.

"i've tried..i rasa yg juice..for those yg nk tahu rasa dier,sdap ok!rasa dier x pelik pun..rasa macam campuran segala species prune dan berry,plus buah²an lain,ader rasa cam honey n caramel skit..kalo saper yg rasa cm ketagih ngan rasa sdap innershine pati prune,yg ini pun sama..n effect dier yang improve digestion,reduce pain and soreness,promote healthy sleep and increase energy & stamina mmg i dah merasainya..:)"
-AINA(25), Selangor.

"Today is the 55th day of me consuming the Acai berry. I was worried at first as my appetite increased and I was hungry almost every 3-4 hours however this goes hand in hand with my energy level. I was scrubbing the wall and floor of my bathroom at 11pm! I've never done this in my whole life before. My weight did not show much different but I can say that even at this level of appetite I have not gained additional weight.
My male friend(late 40's Chinese) who started taking it 2 weeks after me was saying that his skin and complexion colour is getting much better. His hand and face more pinkish and reddish. He looks more like a Mat Salleh whenever he is in the sun. He also mentioned about feeling very light, energetic and he loves the taste."
-Halijah(42), Damansara.